New here. How often does someone reply?

(dowbright) #1

I have no history here, but love the premise.

I’ve seen threads where the Breadtopia guy answers questions, but also lots of threads where nobody answers.

What’s the general percentage of questions that get answered?

I love the site, but don’t want to spend a lot of time if I can’t get responses. Thank you! I’m sorry to imply that I’m critical, but I just can’t find rhyme or reason on what gets responses and what doesn’t.

I want to talk about bread…and sourdough!

(Paul) #2

I can’t speak for everyone, but what gets me to respond (when I have time) is a specific question or problem on which I think I can make a cogent contribution. What makes me usually not respond is a post that is either vague or asking about general issues that invite responses that could be a small book.

Example of a specific question that got me to respond:

Example of something that feels too general (too big) to me:

(dowbright) #3

That’s great advice. Thank you!

I’ll be sure to try to ask specific questions from here on in. :slight_smile: