Artisan Style Gluten Free Bread

(Eric) #1

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(rowant99) #2

Eric - Can another fat source be used besides butter? Any ideas? My GF bread eater would love to try this but can’t eat animal based products (eg, butter).


(Penny) #3

I would like to know how to mix my own gluten free flour, rather than having to buy it. I don’t suppose there’s plans to let us in on how to do our own?

(Julie) #4

I cannot read what the ingredients for the flour are. Please let me know what they are.

(John) #5

I’m with the others. Just buying a premade mix holds zero appeal for me, even if it is a good one. I appreciate you trying but sorry, this is a swing and a miss. Share the mix recipe, and the individual flours and I’m in, otherwise, ‘eh’.

(tjjarvis) #6

Hi Julie. It is mentioned before the recipe.
Ingredients: rice, non-GMO corn starch, tapioca, millet, AF fiber blend (all natural, non-GMO vegetable fiber), sugar, salt, potato, ascorbic acid.

(Penny) #7

Tj, I don’t see it. I’ve watched the video and scoured the posted recipe site.

(tjjarvis) #8

Julie: Hah, I had a hard time re-finding it. It is not obvious. I probably should be included on the product for sale page. Here it is: If you go to the page that has the video of Eric mixing the bread.

Just before the video in his intro there is a highlighted link that says “this flour”. That link brings you here:

Scroll down to the end of the description and there it is.
(Quite well hidden I must say)
Good baking, I haven’t tried the recipe yet, too stuck on a rye bread recipe currently.


(tjjarvis) #9

Ops I first responded to wrong person (Julie). To Penny: The ingredients are actually where they should be, On the product page where you buy the gluten free BREAD flour, the ingredients are listed at the end of the description.
ButI can’t find the ingredients listed on the product page of the ALL PURPOSE gluten free. I had to look at the back of the bag on the sales page and was able to make out this: brown rice flour, sorghum flour, potato starch, tapioca flour, xanthan gum. It’s really hard to read.
Good luck, good baking

(sysadmin) #10

Thanks for the head’s up. We’ve now updated the APF page to include the ingredients.

(Eric) #11

Sure. I’ve made a vegan version, no butter or milk, and it came out fine. If you want to keep it truer to this recipe, maybe coconut butter and almond or soy milk.

(bonneyj) #12

The amounts of the sugar, water, and milk vary between the printed ingredient list and what was spoken during the short video. Which are correct?

(Eric) #13

Nice catch Bonney. The video is correct. I’ve changed the written. Thanks for the heads up.

(BobSharpe) #14

In the video it states using a covered baker. Would that be the same as the heated dutch oven?
On using a Romertop type clay baker, would you soak it first.

I am very new to baking so I do have a few questions.
Thanks in advance,

(Eric) #15

Yes it is the same and no I wouldn’t soak the baker first. That’s partly because I preheat the baker before putting in the dough so any moisture from soaking would evaporate before baking.

(marlal) #16

With over a cup of liquid and only 2 cups of flour, this turned into soup for me. Suppose to be bringing this to a dinner tonight.