Yuletide Panettone

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Followed the recipe. Made it in a Pyrex loaf pan with parchment paper extending up the sides. Might try soak in the dried fruit in rum or brandy next time.

Final product

Dough before proof

Biga and dried fruit the night before

LOL, This is exactly the same recipe as on the KingArthur Flour site for Overnight Panettone.

I think you missed the special mention to “our friend Pam” in the introduction to the recipe.

“Thanks to our friend, Pam, for introducing us to this traditional Italian Holiday bread. We love it!”

But thank you! for the comment as it’s brought this recipe to my attention.

Glad to see this works with pyrex loaf pan. No need to hand baked work upside down? No need to use bread or high gluten flour.

This is a delicious bread indeed, but this version does make a different, less delicate bread than the high protein flour, lotta egg and butter, upside down hang etc. panettone.

A member of the Breadtopia community, Dan @djd418 , was kind enough to share his process for a more classic naturally leavened panettone, that he evolved from years of testing different methods and reading and translating Italian blogs. You can check it out here:

Thanks again. I am going to try chef John’s recipe which is a bit closer to the classical method. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/263749/chef-johns-panettone/
In the past when I have made raisin bread I have had very crumbly bread. I am hoping the longer fermentation will give me a bread that has long strands of dough that do not quickly degenerate to tiny dry crumbs. I will use a round pan with parchment or perhaps a loaf pan. Your creativity has helped me look beyond the standard shape with panettone liners.

I’m sure you are aware that Chef John has a wonderful YouTube channel.