Will a Malt Mill Separate Bran?

I recently purchased a mockmill and I’ve been using it for a week or so now. Despite sieving, the flour has a light brown appearance. That’s not a problem for bread, but when using the flour to make noodles (like udon), the light brown color is less appealing.

From what I’ve read, its pretty difficult to remove bran from a wheat berry without using a roller mill as the shearing force of a burr-type mill will necessarily grind the bran along with the endosperm and germ. What you sieve after milling only removes large bran particles. Any smaller bran particles or bran “dust” will remain. Roller mills seem to avoid this problem by flattening bran (which is somewhat harder and more resistant to milling, especially after tempering) and crushing the endosperm and germ.

I did a little reading and it appears that home brewers use fairly inexpensive roller mills to crush grains for the mash. I was wondering if any one had any experience using a malt mill. Will a malt mill separate the bran from the rest of the berry? If so, is it possible to easily sieve out the bran (or bran and endosperm)? If it is possible then it might be a good way to achieve high extraction flour or to achieve a commercial result with home equipment.

If there are any brewers here, I’d love to learn about your experience using a malt mill.