Why put eggs in a bread recipe

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Why put eggs in a bread recipe?

(Leah) #2

Some bread recipes are “enriched” dough recipes. Those typically call for eggs. A Jewish challah (braided egg bread) is traditionally made with an “enriched” dough, hence the need for eggs. It all depends on the type of bread you’re making and the recipe.
I hope my simple explanation helps.


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Thank you Leah.

I will try adding 1 egg to a 3 cup loaf and see how it changes the bread.
Thanks again.


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How did it turn out? :bread::yum:

(Khasidi) #5

Eggs help the dough rise higher and also add that eggy flavor. The help with rising is one of the reasons that eggs are often used in sweetened breads that also have a lot of butter or other shortening. Brioche recipes usually call for eggs. Eggs are probably not something you would add to most whole grain or sourdough recipes.

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Hi, been traveling without internet. Thank all of you. Will try one small egg with 3 cup loaf.

Thanks again.