Whole wheat choice in NK sourdough bread?

I love Eric’s basic NK sourdough bread recipe. It’s my go-to recipe when baking what I call my “basic everyday bread.” I love it. When making this recipe, I have had delicious success using Red Fife or Turkey Red or Hard White Wheat as the whole wheat component of the recipe, ground fresh at home in my Mockmill 100.

Here’s my question: Can I use Kamut successfully as the whole wheat in this recipe? I know there’s a beautiful Kamut sourdough recipe contributed by our wonderful @Fermentada. But I’m wondering if I can successfully use Kamut in Eric’s basic NK sourdough recipe. The ease and simplicity of that recipe just works for me. As much as I LOVE baking my own sourdough bread, I do relish the easiest, simplest, “no additional steps” recipes I can bake with success.

I’m prepping a loaf shortly and am going to use my Hard White Wheat today as I have it coming to room temperature on my counter (the whole berries are stored in my freezer) so I can grind it in my Mockmill. IF using Kamut will work in this recipe, I hope to try it next time. I’ve got some Kamut in my freezer. I recently used it for the first time when baking the lemon rosemary sourdough, which was spectacular tasting! That got me really interested in trying the Kamut in this recipe. Hence my question.


I don’t think stretching and folding and laminating and coiling will make your bread hugely different vs. mixing and letting it sit. I did this test with one type of flour (not kamut) and level of inoculation (15%) etc., and the results were about the same. I say give it a try. Just keep in mind that kamut is not as pro-gluten-formation as some of the wheats you listed. The dough will feel different whether you do all the stretching and folding or not.