Toaster and countertop ovens

(Patricia) #1

I’m losing my oven for a year and am thinking about buying a large Wolf or Breville countertop toaster oven to replace it. Has anyone baked bread in either oven, or proofed dough?



(Stuart) #2

Hi Patricia,
I don’t have direct experience with those but have read that either should work. If you think about an oven is just a heat source. You might have to adjust your technique for the space. Don’t make the same mistake I did when I bought a Wisco countertop convection oven that one can’t turn the fan off and that fan is really strong so much so that it interferes with the normal cooking of things. Hope this helps.

(Patricia) #3

Good points, thank you, Stu!

(Lisa) #4

Patricia, I got my first Sharp microwave convection oven 10 years ago. Best purchase I ever made. Full micro, large convection baking - or both together. Slow cooker, too. The turntable gave up the ghost a few months ago, so after looking at other models and realizing the Sharp was the only one that lets you choose a temp for combo cooking (apparently they own a patent on that feature), I got the brand new model that just came out last year. I love it, and wouldn’t be without it! However, though it bakes anything wonderfully, I wouldn’t use it for proofing. I have a Brod and Taylor proofer, as anything else simply doesn’t provide the steady and consistent temperatures you need for bread. Makes a great dehydrator, too. Hope this helps!

(Patricia) #5

Thank you, Lisa, I will check it out!

(pcampbe4) #6

I have used a Brenvillle smart convection oven for several years and it is outstanding for several reasons. true temperatures, convection, large size, will fit a 12 inch skillet or a muffin pan or 13 inch pizza pan. I have made cakes, bread, pies , muffins. Recently I had my Romertrof round baker pre heating in a 500 degree oven and forgot about it and the lower element melted so I put the loaf in the hot pot and put the lid upside down and put it in the toaster oven at 400 and it came out perfect! It also has a removal bottom crumb pan which helps keep it clean. I recommend getting the bamboo cutting board for the top as it helps looks and is very handy,
There is a larger size with more features that came out after I bought mine it is around $350 and my model is now near $200 on Amazon. I think I save money in the long run for reduced use of the big stove oven. I wouldn’t be without one and have recommended this to many of my foodie buddies who have thanked me later!

(Patricia) #7

Thank you for your very helpful response!

(aek) #8

Hi Patricia,
I LOVE my Breville oven and we use it multiple times of day. It seems to do everything it’s supposed to do very well. I particularly like it’s amazingly fast pre-heat and it holds the temperature very well. I have baked my sourdough bread in it several times when I’m only making one loaf. It did an excellent job, though maneuvering the cast iron Dutch oven in the small-ish space was more difficult than in my regular oven. However, not difficult enough to not use it. I’ve had my oven a little over a year now and can find no cons. It’s an expensive purchase for a small countertop appliance but, imho, worth every cent.

(Patricia) #9

No cons is good! Thank you so much.

(MieshaNeveu) #10

I am also planning to get a new countertop oven in this winter but it is hard to decide whether I should go with Breville BOV800XL or should I prefer the Hamilton Beach 31103A. However, my husband is in the support of BLACK+DECKER toaster oven. Please also suggest me a right one from this list of the best and standard countertop ovens.