Teaching others to bake sourdough

(fay) #1

I have been asked by friends to start a course to show others how to bake. I want to do it but logistically I am finding it hard to think how to cover it all in a day. I would need to have several loaves at varying stages to show them, plus starters. Any advice on how to do this? Also, I only have one oven!

(Melissa) #2

What do you think of this?

One three hour class. Lotta work for teacher, so charge up :slight_smile:

Prerequisite: make and manage starter for 3 weeks. Fridge and 1-2x week feed after week 1.

Arrive with fed and floating starter. Students make dough. Set aside.

Teacher has dough that’s done with bulk ferment to show students what their dough will look like 12 hrs later.

Teach class to fold, rest and shape. Also how to prep proofing baskets. And preheat oven.

Send students home with baking instructions. Remind them to flour their hands when transferring to cloche/dutch oven (and to have preheated it).

They end up with a loaf shortly after they arrive home and another to bake the next morning.

BYO bowl, basket, tea towel, starter

(fay) #3

Dear Fermentada,
Thank you for giving up time to this for me, that’s so kind.
It sounds good, however, in my usual scheme of things I do a pre-ferment with starter, 150g flour and 150ml water. That usually sits all night or all day prior to making the dough. So would need to have one ready to show them I should think.
I think I’m going to plunge in and have a go; it’s a good opportunity to pass on the knowledge acquired the hard way, through lots of trial and error!

(Eric) #4

Hi Fay,

I’ve taught a number of classes like this and it really is a pretty big logistical challenge to do it well. You’re right about having to have a few loaves at varying stages. But having a whole day (or most of one) gives you some options that aren’t possible in an partial day class, which is mostly what I’ve done. I would kick it off right away with mixing up some bread dough so that everyone has at least some satisfaction of seeing the dough rise all the way through the long proofing period. Hopefully the room is warm enough or if it’s sourdough leavening, you could spike it with a little commercial yeast.

I’m sure you’ll be able to plan it all out nicely. People will really appreciate it.

(fay) #5

Dear Eric,
Thank you for the nice reply. I have made a schedule and will give it a go and hope to enthuse them. I have shown several friends in the past how to make sourdough, but they have all fallen by the wayside. They just don’t follow through with the practice. It’s not a skill you can hope to perfect instantly, as I know only too well. I must direct them to your wonderful videos!

(Sharron) #6

Fay great question…I have also been trying to work out the logistics of doing a sourdough class, but can only come up with a 2 day programme. Would love to see what you decided please and how your class went!