Storage for whole grains before milling

Does anyone know how much storage I’ll need for a 50# bag of wheat berries? It looks like Breadtopia sells a 35# bag in a 5 gallon bucket, so does this mean a gallon of storage equals about 7#s of wheat berries?

I’m thinking of getting some of these buckets:


Size-wise I don’t have any information to offer you, but I will say that we once stored dog food in a plastic bucket like that in our garage and rats ate right through it! So we switched to metal. Sorry to sound alarmist. Not sure where you plan to store yours, or if rats even like grains. We bought a nice metal one at Ace Hardware if I recall.

Thanks. It will be stored in my apartment (hopefully away from rats!).

I vacuum pack my bulk grain, beans, etc. in gallon sized glass jars. No plastic, no rats.
~ irene

I recently bought a 50 lb bag of durum and it ended up filling just less than 7x 1 gallon mylar bags. So if you get a 7 gallon bucket, you should have some room to spare.