Sourdough spelt baking question

(gustav freedman) #1

I have used the sourdough spelt recipe a few times now and each time while baking the top of the bread splits open.

I have not made any cuts into the dough before baking so I am wondering if the splitting is due to temp too high, baking too long, proofing too long, etc???

The bread is delicious nonetheless; has become my favorite so far.

i welcome all your thoughts on this…thanks in advance


(Leah) #2

@gustav_freedman, IMHO, when bread dough is placed into a hot oven there is a phenomenon in the dough called “oven spring” which causes a rapid additional rise in the dough, which is a wonderful thing and most desired. When that happens, it is natural for the bread dough to split wherever it desires to accomplish that additional rise. In some recipes, you may notice that the dough is to be slashed before putting it into the preheated clay baker, Dutch oven or cloche. That slash is to help accommodate the oven spring and/or to limit just where the anticipated split will occur. Basically, the split you’re experiencing in your finished bread is completely normal. There are some wonderfully accomplished bakers on this site who may have a much more scientific explanation to your comment and question than I have provided. I think your dough is simply exercising its own personality!


(gustav freedman) #3


Many thanks for your response. I guess what I will try is to slash the bread with my lam so that the split happens where I want

I am all for the bread having. It’s own personality for sure but as the “ parent” bread maker I would like to help that personality develop as fully as possible!

I had know about oven spring, a desired thing. I am glad that my concern was not too serious a one… and of course most important is that the bread is just great

Happy baking and thanks again

(Leah) #4

You’re very welcome, @gustav_freedman. I do use my lame as well to slash my dough. Admittedly, my bread will sometimes “split” in other places as well as where I slashed it. I end up just enjoying how my bread comes out, weird splits and all! One time, one of my loaves split so strangely it looked like an image of a scorpion on top of the bread. Every loaf has its own personality. I think that’s part of what I love about making them. There’s a part of “me” in every loaf. Just makes me smile thinking about it.