Sourdough Pretzels?

Total forum newbie and novice baker here. I just moved into a new apartment and am looking to see what I can pull out of the oven. This thread on weight management…

It had me nodding, and recalling that sourdough pretzels were a key to past diet success because they establish (near)perfect portion control depending on the baker’s consistency. Is anyone making old-fashioned boil-to-bake pretzels, either hard or soft? I was never totally happy with my past results and would love some pointers or recipes. Thanks, D. Newb

I don’t make pretzels a lot, but I do make bagels (sourdough) and the only difference is that pretzels I shape into pretzel shape and add the salt so they are naturally a bit crisper than a bagel. I’ve read that bagels get a different type of “bath” than pretzels. I used to use a baking soda bath for pretzels and a barley malt sugar bath for bagels but I like the color and bake with the barley malt sugar bath so use same for both.

I use this King Arthur Flour recipe adapted:

Instead of yeast … 196 grams active starter

Put water, starter, salt, malt powder in mixer

Add 3/4 flour by weight (white, whole grain (20% or so)

Mix … add flour until dough is thick and cohesive (i.e. I add flour slowly and stop when dough is the correct consistency) Then continue and when you get to shaping, if you want pretzels, make the long roll and know (lots of videos and there is probably a KAF recipe with photos).

It is not a difficult process, especially after you try it a time or 2.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a go!