Skillet, Dutch Oven, Old bread pans?

I am very new to this and just made my first batch of sourdough starter. It took two tries and I now realize that I was so focused on whether it would work that I didn’t do any research on what to bake my first loaf of bread in! I currently have a variety of sizes of cast iron skillets, a couple of traditional bread pans (metal) and a ceramic dutch oven. Would any of these work or be preferable for bread baking? I’ve read through several topics here, but am not sure I have anything that will work, given how much these breads seem to rise. I could order one of the recommended bakers but I’m battling impatience at this point since delivery would take awhile in our current circumstances. Thank you, wise bakers, for any advice!

For a crusty artisan-style bread, use your ceramic dutch oven (or cast iron skillet if it has a lid/is enclosed). For a softer-crust sandwich loaf, use your metal loaf pan.

You can scroll through the Breadtopia blog to see recipes and instructions for baking for both options

Happy baking!