Rye Chocolate Cherry Sourdough

(susanmcc99) #43

Wow, amazing bread. I have been meaning to try this recipe for awhile, and Valentine’s Day seemed an ideal opportunity . My husband says I have outdone myself.

Mixed the dough up Weds morning, bulk fermented on the counter for about 10-12 hours, preshaped, rested, then shaped and placed into a well-floured banneton and into the fridge overnight. Thursday morning preheated Dutch oven then baked proofed loaf cold, pretty much straight from the refrigerator. Turned out beautifully. Thanks Melissa!

Edited to add a photo of the crumb, which is really nice–dense but not too dense, with some nice air holes.

(Melissa) #44

That’s beautiful! You’re making me crave it when instead I have a sprouted lentil bread on the docket for this weekend haha
I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe : )

(Leah) #45

I know the feeling because now I want to buy some good dark chocolate and cherries and bake myself another one!