Oblong Proofing Basket Recommendations?

I will be purchasing the Breadtopia Oblong Cloche Baker. I also wanted to purchase the recommended oblong Breadtopia proofing basket but it has been out of stock for some time now. Can anyone recommend an oblong proofing basket that would be a good substitute? Thanks. P.S. I am very happy I recently “discovered” Breadtopia and this forum!

This is currently out of stock too, but it’s what I used until I got the basket. You could put yourself on the waitlist for both maybe. Bonus being you can use this pan for the hokkaido milk bread and Danish rugbrod recipes too.


This is the one I ordered, and it fits the oblong clay baker perfectly. BTW, I love the Breadtopia Clay Baker.


I was impatient and ordered one yesterday — I ordered from the same company except I got the 12’’ x 5.5" model because that was closer to the dimensions of the recommended Breadtopia proofing basket. Thanks!