New to milling

Hello everyone!
I just purchased my first grain mill and can’t wait for it to arrive. I have always just used store bought flour for bread making, so I am completely overwhelmed with all of the different types of grains! Do you have any recommendations of what would be best to start with? We typically have used unbleached all purpose, einkorn all purpose, and whole grain store bought flours. My kids prefer more of a “white” bread, where as my husband and I prefer a more nutty/whole grain bread.
Also, where do you get your favorite recipes for using freshly milled grains?
Thanks everyone!

This thread speaks to some of your questions and also has references to other recipes on the site:

Milling Thread

You can use the search icon (magnifying glass upper right), type in milling and find a large number of discussions on various milling topics.

I only “mill” Einkorn (in my Vita-Mix), but love this recipe made with the whole grain: Naturally leavened Einkorn bread. I make it with a “white” starter and like the enriched version.

You can find lots of recipes on the Blog tab and most note home-milled or professionally milled. Some of the threads on milling speak to various differences and people’s varied experiences with home-milled vs professionally milled.

There are also many wonderful recipes in the “Reader Recipe” category on the forum and many who contribute note that they are home milling.

The Easy Bake video series is great! It starts with a mix of various whole grains.