Mockmill 100 Locking When Running Rice

Just received my Mockmill 100 a couple of days ago. Went through the setup video a few times, took the mill apart to be sure there were no shipping locks in it. Took the top stone off, and put it back on careful that the springs were in place, screwed on the top stone until it resisted and then backed it up a quarter turn or so, and set the mill up. I set the blades very coarse. When I put white rice through, it locked the motor. It locked it tightly enough that I had to use a hammer with a block of wood on the lever to loosen. I set it even coarser, and it locked again. I finally set it so course it hardly ground at all. I ran it through that way a couple of times and very gradually adjusted it finer and finer.

Is this normal behavior, or is there something I’m likely doing wrong?

I assume that wheat would not lock the mill even at a very fine setting (when the stones just click).

Would I be smarter to get the 200?

I’ve been running rice into flour with my new Mockmill, but have experienced no problems so far.

Are you causing the machine to jam by setting it wider than the thing you are milling? That’s what it sounds like you are describing. Also, the Mockmill has no blades, but stones that do the milling. If it had “blades,” I would never have purchased it.

Thank you. Sorry, I meant stones. Actually, the only way I could keep it from locking up was to make the setting wider to start with and then re-grind at gradually finer settings.

This is not a properly working mill. Please email me directly so we can diagnose the problem and get your mill working the way it should. [email protected]

Thanks to Galen and a little research, I found the problem was using parboiled rice, which is rock hard. The manual says not to use it. I never realized Uncle Ben’s was parboiled. :blush:
All is well. Works beautifully. I just posted this in case anyone makes my mistake.

@Dudleyrose WOW! I had no idea either about not using parboiled rice to “clean the stones” on my Mockmill 100. I do have my instruction booklet for my Mockmill but, to be honest, I rarely go to it because I hadn’t had any trouble using plain white rice to clean my stones. Most of my rice isn’t parboiled though I do have some. I’ll have to make a mental note to make sure I don’t use the parboiled rice in my Mockmill. MANY thanks for your informative post!


@Leah1 @Dudleyrose Popcorn kernels are the no-no I almost milled. I mill regular hard-as-heck corn all the time, but popcorn kernels are like diamonds I guess :slight_smile:

@Fermentada Oh, Melissa! Popcorn kernels! Thank God you ALMOST tried milling those and didn’t actually attempt it!

Leah :laughing:

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WOW, thank you for solving a mystery. I have a Nutri-Mill and have had a heck of a time milling rice flour with it, usually taking 3-4 passes. Sure enough it was Uncle Ben’s. Great rice but not for this application obviously.