Making Bread with Kids - Book Review

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Making Bread Together, by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou This bread baking cook book should be in every home where there are children. It’s designed for adults and children to bake together, or for older children to bake with little assistance from adults. Emmanuel Hadjiandreou invites kids into the kitchen so they, too, can discover the joy of…

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Eric, I am happy to say that largely because of your review of this book, I purchased a copy to give our son for Christmas earlier this week. He is now 37, and he and his wife welcomed boy-girl twins to their family 11 months ago. I started teaching him to bake whole grain, no funny business added delicious bread as soon as he learned to walk, back in the day when few of us used whole wheat flour. When his babies were only a few weeks old, he asked me, “When can I start teaching them to bake?”, with the earnestness only a baker who learned at his mother’s knee could. It is a thrill indeed to watch another generation start to learn what real food is, and to know that my grandchildren will benefit from the love poured
into their lives by a father who is carrying on something begun when he was very young. He has already had the babies sitting at the kitchen counter in their clip-on high chairs, watching and listening to everything he does as he bakes. What a joy it is for his mother to see the process begin for his children!
Thanks again for your work on your website and the products you make available for those of us who choose to delve into the pleasures of learning to bake!

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