Low gluten pizza

Hi, We have been gf for 10 years and, as an experiment this year, we’ve tried making sourdough with 100% spelt and one with 100% red fife. It’s a tasty experiment and we’re still trying to determine if it’s negatively affecting anyone. I’d love to branch out to making a delicious pizza crust but I can’t determine which low gluten flour to use. Any recommendations? Any recipes? Thanks.

Aren’t both of those flours low in gluten? A low gluten flour would be AP flour and an even lower gluten flour would be pastry (or cake) flour.

Spelt is not low in gluten however some people find Spelt more digestable.

Sourdough is a healthier option to yeasted breads and that too makes it more digestable.

Question is - why are you avoiding gluten?