Loving Kamut These Days

That looks great Kevin. Can you describe the flavour you get from the Kamut? I was just able to buy a bag of Khorasan flour for the first time on the weekend as I’ve been interested in trying it but hadn’t had any luck in finding any until now.

I read online that people say it has a nutty taste, but for me it is almost more a buttery taste. Perhaps it is my brain playing a trick on me because of the color. I also find the texture quite pleasing.

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@SingKevin I love adding a bit of Kamut to my basic sourdough bread too. I was trying to figure out what the flavor of Kamut reminded me of. You described it as a bit buttery. Yes, I’d have to say that’s probably how I would describe it too. It’s light and mild and tends to add “a bit of something” with a very nice texture that’s almost smooth.

What I have noticed on all my bakes is that if I stick to strictly white high protein organic bread flour (I use that exclusively for my husband’s cinnamon bread) then I definitely get quite a high oven spring and rise when baking. I’ve been known to describe it as practically exploding out of the covered clay baker when I take the lid off. I love seeing that. It’s both a satisfying and exciting feeling when I’m baking bread. When I add some whole grain to my dough, my oven spring and final rise when baking is not as high. I do notice that result more with the Kamut as I understand the amount and type of gluten in it isn’t as high as when I add white whole wheat, Turkey Red or Red Fife. I do have a Mockmill 100 so when I add whole grain to my dough I’m milling it fresh just before adding it in.


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