Loaf Pan Recommendations?


Looking for recommendations for standard size loaf pans. Don’t want material that will leach into the bread, but would like something that is easy to clean and performs well in the oven. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the silicon products…maybe too early to tell if they are safe? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi @dgrock. Though I don’t know how it may affect baking temperature or timing have you considered using glass loaf pans. They come in both standard loaf sizes of 8x4 and 9x5. I happen to have both sizes but to be honest, I’ve never used them for baking bread. I have a covered clay baker I use exclusively for baking my sourdough breads. I know there are metal pans in those standard sizes but I do not know the type of metal they may be made of. I’m sure our more experienced bakers on this forum will be able to help you.

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I love my Pullman loaf pan.

Its actually closer to a 2lb loaf size. Baked loaf just slides out due to the non stick (I grease it a little but I’m being over precautions). Well made and has three small holes in the bottom of the pan which helps steam circulate and produces a great crust.

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Can you tell me which size loaf pan you use? I just bought the 13" Pullman pan & haven’t used it yet, but it seems too big for a 2-lb loaf. Is the 9" better for that amount of bread dough? Thanks for any help!

Click on the link above and you’ll see the pullman I use.

The dimensions are 21 x 12 x 11.5cm H and they recommend it for a 1lb loaf. However that seems to be a mistake and it fits a 2lb loaf perfectly.

Let me just convert that into inches : 8.27 inches length x 4.72 inches width x 4.52 inches height

I think it’d normally be too small for a 2lb loaf but it’s quite deep so it fits snuggly and rises well.

So 9 inches length (slightly bigger) - but a normal pullman being a smaller width and height then mine - seems perfect for a 2lb loaf.

If yours is a 13" pullman you’re looking at a slightly larger loaf of 1130g instead of a 900g loaf. I reckon you can fit an extra 200g of dough in the 13".

It also depends on what type of dough, hydration, flour and how much you expect it to rise. But as a rule of thumb 500g flour for a 2lb loaf and 640g ish flour for your pan.

Thank you Abe. My recipe makes two 900 g loaves. So I think I should return this pan and get the 9" Pullman instead. I appreciate the help!


My pleasure Deb,

So you need 2x 9" loaf pans for your recipe.One of your loaves will be 900g loaf is 2lb enough to fit one 9" pullman.

Be sure to post some pictures when you try it out.

That sounds right, thank you. And yes, I will post some pictures!

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I tried a silicone loaf pan several years ago. It seemed sturdy enough, but during baking it simply could not hold its shape, and the sides spread apart, resulting in a weirdly-shaped loaf with very very little vertical rise (but plenty of horizontal). Only used it once, then threw it away.