How to Acquire a Sourdough Starter

(Eric) #1

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There are basically three ways to get your own sourdough starter. From a friend. If possible, this is surely the easiest. And since most sourdough bakers take some measure of pride in their cherished starter, they will likely go out of their way to see you on a shared path to the sourdough promise land.…

(RichardLWalker) #2

“Either way, my genuine SF/Iowa sourdough starter is the best on the planet for sure ;^” LOVE IT
I have an “OLD” package of Rushing Gold (kinda sorta) starter that is probably past its Best By anything date, but I’ll give it a shot. I did quite a bit of surfing and didn’t find any totally flattering reviews, but I did use it back in the day and thought the end results were quite good. If it flops I’ll be back for some of your starter. Those reviews were substantially better. This site has always been my favorite for recipes … especially since many of them use weight instead of volume for the ingredients.