Even the simplest and quickest sourdough bread is delicious

(SingKevin) #1

I didn’t plan ahead, so I made a very quick sourdough boule with only about a 3-hour bulk fermentation using a 2-1-1-2 ratio.

2 parts flour
1 part sourdough starter
1 part water
2% salt

So easy but completely delicious.

(chuck) #2

Absolutely, I make what I call all purpose SD bread. It is simple and good toasted with butter, eaten at dinner with butter or plain or as we call it dessert bread when we have SD with butter and jelly after dinner. Like your recipe, my go to SD bread a very simple recipe with the same basic ingredients. Bread or anything for that matter made with SD is excellent.

Thanks for reminding me to make some AP SD bread.



(Rayford) #3

Your bread looks great! Just curious if your ratios are by weight or volume?



(SingKevin) #4


(Karl) #5

Looks great and delicious, but isn’t 2% salt a little too much?

(dorisw1) #6

Thanks for this simple calculation…going to try this SOON!!

(Debra) #7

He or she is one beautiful baby :slight_smile:

(SingKevin) #8

It is pushing it right up to the line…

(Chapps) #9

Your starter must really be something. Mine bubbles up a lot, but there’s not a ton of sour smell. And the loaves wind up too dense. Hmm …

(Benny) #10

Looks wonderful.

(littletim) #11

This is my recipe for sourdough every weekend. Sometimes twice in the weekend if I am wanting to share at work. :slight_smile: