Emile Henry Artisan Baker or Breadtopia Baker?

I have the red Emile Henry cloche baker and I am telling you, if my house were on fire, I’d grab two things: my Caribbean Le Creuset dutch oven and this gorgeous red baker. It makes beautiful boules. I see that they now have the oval batard shape available in their new Artisan Baker. I would love for my cloche to have a matching companion on display, especially as I’d like to make one boule and one batard per recipe. Question: In the very thorough description of the Breadtopia Batard Baker, it says how it is superior to the Romanoff in that it does not produce wedge sides or ends and gives more of a gradual slope so that the final loaf comes out like a country loaf as if it were baked on a stone. That is what I am going for. I don’t want to spend $130 to find my loaves look like they came out of bread pans. Can anyone speak to the difference between these two? Thank you!

I’m replying to you to give your question a boost and move it back up to the top of the queue. Sorry I can’t help you as I haven’t tried either. Hopefully someone will notice your question and have a helpful answer.


A friend bought the EH Artisan oval baker and had to return it. By design it has an opening on both ends of the baker. So it would seem like steam would escape from the baker this way. Not sure if this affects the end result. But just thought you should know.

I have the same question! Did you find out the answer? I am looking at either getting the Emile Henry loaf pan or Breadtopia baker. Which give a better shape or size? Also, the EH is glazed which is a difference. Not sure which one to get. Thanks for any advice!

@Christina20 Hi Christina! I posted my answer to this question on the thread you posted about frozen grain/berries. I wasn’t sure how to copy and paste that response onto this thread so if it’s ok, you can find my answer to this question there. I know how to use a computer but I’m not particularly tech-savvy. I turn the computer on and expect it to work. Beyond that, I need help :laughing:


Thanks you Leah! Much appreciated. :innocent: Ordering the Breadtopia clay baker today!!:grinning:

Have a lovely day :rainbow:

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