Dough issue

I just received my sourdough starter last week and it is going well except for my baking. I weighed my ingredients to make the no knead sourdough bread and all seemed to be going well until the next morning when I was ready to bake. The dough seems so wet that when I tried to do the fold over thing it is so wet it doesn’t seem to fold over well. It is kind of a blob. when I put in my parchment lined bowl, I don’t have a banneton yet, it just stays in the same kind of flat shape and doesn’t rise much. Not sure what I am doing wrong. the bread tasted good but it was really flat and wide. Please help. I didn’t have wheat bread so I used the 4 cups of the white all purpose flour. thank you for any help.

If this recipe called for wholegrain wheat flour and you kept everything the same except for substituting the whole wheat for AP flour then I’m not surprised. A no knead bread will be high hydration even for whole wheat. The same hydration just using AP flour and I’d expect a puddle on the floor.


Is this the recipe you’re following?

So its 50:50 whole wheat and STRONG bread flour (AP is not strong). And its 85% hydration. Waaay to much for all AP flour.

I’d drop the hydration to about 70% and see how that goes. In which case you’d need to drop the water to 353g (1.5 cups).

Thank you so much Abe. I will do all that you said. it has been so frustrating and I appreciate your help