Does anyone have a nice Irish soda bread recipe?

(AlicePonsonby) #1

I’m looking for something nice a simple for a couple of 9 year olds to do in the summer, can anyone supply me with a recipe?

(Leah) #2

If you’re looking for an authentic traditional Irish soda bread, may I suggest the website The baker is Chef Gemma and the recipe she shares is her mother’s that Gemma grew up eating most every day. Gemma is a delight to watch on her YouTube videos and listening to her Irish accent adds all the more. I think this could be the recipe you’re looking for.


(AlicePonsonby) #3

Thank you so much, i’ll take a look.

(chuck) #4

This recipe is fast and good. . My sons and daughter request it all the time. I like eating a sweet bread once and a while, so I too enjoy this bake.

Good Luck

539g KA ap flour
21g Baking powder
1 ½ t salt
1 t baking soda
227g butter
2 lg eggs
198g sugar
454g milk
7g Caraway
227g raisins

Soak raisins in warm water then shake in flour

Pre heat 325º
Sift dry ingredients
In another bowl beat butter, sugar til smooth
then add eggs beat until smooth and creamy
Fold dry ingredients including flour into wet alternating with some of your milk.
Stir in caraway
Stir in raisins
Spoon into pan
Bake 1 hour or 40 min…Or intil internal temp is 195–200º
Cool - storage…heavily wrapped freeze 3 months;
3 days on counter

(AlicePonsonby) #5

Thank you!