Bread Stuck in bottom of LaCloche

(Leets) #1

When I put the bread in the LaCloche it fell in a bit catty wampas (sp?) and one side was pushed up against the LaCloche. When I took the lid off it was sort of plastered to the underside lid, but it came off fine, then when the bread was done, I can not pry the bread out of the LaCloche?? Any tricks? My LaCloche is bran new, as I have been using my dutch oven.

(DanKline) #2

Been there done that. I found the best solution for me is parchment paper over the top of the proofing bowl. Then, when I turn the dough into the cloche, I hold the parchment to the sides of the proofing bowl and lower it more slowly into the cloche, leaving the parchment beneath it at the bottom of the cloche. If I’m off center, I can nudge the parchment rather than the dough. It also helps when it’s time to lift the loaf out of the cloche and on to the cooling rack. I can more easily pick up the edge of the loaf without mauling it or squeezing it while it is still hot and doughy. I slide the boule off the parchment onto the cooling rack and leave it for at least an hour.

Try it and let me know how it goes for you.

(Leah) #3

@DanKline, that’s exactly how I do it too. That technique is the perfect solution for me. I don’t worry about burning my hands putting the dough into the clay baker since I just lower the dough gently into it by holding onto the parchment paper. And getting the finished bread out of the baker is super easy since it doesn’t stick at all thanks to the parchment paper. With my hands being slightly arthritic, trying to balance and “flip” dough into the heated clay baker can be a bit problematic which makes the use of parchment paper an added benefit to this technique. I can hold onto the paper and much more easily lower the dough safely into the baker.


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(Jerry) #4

I’m curious if you put the loaf in a hot Cloche? I’ve never had a loaf stick on my HOT cloche.