Bagels: success, more or less

Okay, so these turned out pretty well. A few of the bagels stuck together because they were too crowded together, and the sections where they stuck together were damp and mushy even after 18-20 minutes in the oven. I baked them on parchment on a baking stone, 500 F, the first six for about 18 minutes, the last three appeared done around 16 minutes. Next time I won’t bake more than five at a time. Or better yet - get a larger baking stone and bagel boards. Very tasty!

These bagels are roughly 50% freshly ground and bolted sprouted hard red spring wheat (from Breadtopia), 50% bread flour. I halved the recipe for 18. Will definitely be making these again.

Uh oh, I want to eat another one.

Those look so delicious!