Bagels rise at room temp?

(Jeff) #1

Seeking guidance here - I’ve always followed the instructions to let my bagels rise overnight in the fridge at 40 degrees, with great results. But what if I have an emergency and need the bagels same-day??? How long should I let them rise at room temperature? Or is there something magical about keeping them in the fridge overnight for a slower rise that would be lost if I do it at room temperature?

Thanks for any help.



(Liz) #2

I do the frig overnight rise as well, but if I had a bagel emergency, I would go for a room temp rise vs no bagels! A cold rise does probably develop a wee bit more flavor than a room temp shorter rise. BUT I doubt anyone is going to complain or detect the difference, I mean - HOME MADE, fresh baked bagels!!! The other thing about the cold rise overnight is that it is good timing for baking fresh bagels in the morning.

As to timing for a room temp rise, it will vary depending on a combination of your yeast/starter/room temp. Since you’ve made bagels previously, you probably have a good idea of how they should look and feel when ready to boil and bake so go by that. I think in my own conditions (64ish F room temp) and my starter which tends to be very strong … I’d start checking them at 2 hours.