A few loaves from Living Bread

I baked a ton from the new Living bread book when it first came out, thought I’d share a few pics.

Sorry, not sure why it’s turning some of these, but here’s the laminated honey rye, the buckwheat meteil, and the quinoa twist with seeds.


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That laminated honey rye is on my list. Any tips/advice?

It was pretty straightforward, especially if you’ve made croissants etc before, I really liked the idea of mixing herbs in the butter block, I wonder why people don’t do that more often (though this has a lot less layers than croissants, so maybe at that thickness the herbs would start to tear up the dough).

Fewer layers than croissants sounds perfect :joy: and herbs in the butter too


I’ve had my eye on that book and your experience with it has prompted me to order it. Beautiful bakes!