4th and 5th Sourdough loaves made

I made my fourth and fifth sourdough loaves using the beginner sourdough recipe from Maurizio’s The Perfect Loaf. I’m very happy with them overall, still no ears but I can live with that. Again I like the crust and crumb. I tired a very very long sort of but not really autolyze, it had the salt in it as per Trevor Wilson’s Champlain bread recipe but did it for 10 hours in order to fit into my schedule. I’m not really sure what effect that had on the bread. I also lowered the temperature to 425ºC after taking the lid off the Dutch oven and baked for 20-22 mins lid off. I’m happy that the crust wasn’t overbaked as my previous loaf number 2 was.

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Very nice!


Looks great, very nice crumb and crust. Re: ears and scoring, try scoring the batard closer to the center top of the loaf, or just slightly off center, and angle your scoring tool slightly. It looks like you have good oven spring, but the oven spring is pushing the unscored top upwards while the scored section merely spreads. Don’t score too deeply, either.

Or maybe you need to score more deeply…not sure about this.

Thanks again, will try scoring more centrally and a bit more shallowly.