1st time using my new Breadtopia clay baker

“Sour Dough #6”:

Best bake to date, even got my 1st ear. Thanks BreadTopia.

350g BF
150g WW
405g H2O 82% hydration
50g Starter 100% hydration
12g sea salt

3hr autolyse, 5hr bulk with 3 sets of stretch and folds at room temp (80f), preshape, final shape, 24hr retard in refrigerator. Baked @500f for 20min covered in my new BT clay baker and 25 min @450*f uncovered.


Looks perfect great job.

That really good great; nice creative endeavor

Wow! Perfection.

Thanks, I bought the gloves along with baker, watched the video on how to use and load it. It couldn’t have been any easier.