100% Whole Wheat sandwich loaf

(susanmcc99) #1

My second 100% WW loaf. Made the first one the other week, and it came out beautifully. This one came out beautifully. And delicious. I ate some store-bought WW bread the other day and it could not compare. Thanks for the awesome recipe and tutorial!

Oh, and a boule of NK sourdough is proofing as I type.

(Leah) #2

Gorgeous! Enjoy!

(susanlr) #3

Which WW recipe did you use? Your loaf looks so nice with its plaited top. Congratulations!

(susanmcc99) #4

I followed one of Eric’s tutorials and recipes. He demonstrates how to plait the top. It’s similar to a King Arthur Flour recipe, which I used previously. Both are delicious.


(susanlr) #5

Thank you, Susan.

(gwage) #6

Decided to make this loaf today as I had some time on my hands. The tutorial was really good and I’m happy with how it turned out. My loaf pan was larger than what was called for so the loaf is wider than it it is tall.
Really nice flavor and texture. To me it’s almost cake like in texture. I’m envisioning using this for a bread pudding. I’ll try to keep the braid intact and top off the pudding with it. Film at 11:00!