Yogurt sourdough bread

(charlesvk) #1

This recipe was originally a yeast recipe from someone else and I turned it into a sourdough recipe, added whole wheat, some rye and nigella seeds as well.

280 gr strong flour}
150 gr whole wheat flour} 100%
10 gr rye flour}
440 gr full fat yogurt 100%
50 gr starter 11,4% (my starter is very active)
7 gr salt (dissolved in a little bit of water) 1,6%
5 gr nigella seed 1%

I was wondering how it would work out having two bacterial colonies going at the same time. I decided to do a refrigerated autolyse, to prevent the bacteria in the yoghurt getting too active in that early stage.

I baked it on a tray, starting with a cold dough and cold oven. At the final phase of the baking I put some alu foil over it so it wouldn´t get too dark. I still needed it to reach 98°C core temperature at that point.

The bread turned out lovely, with a velvet like crum and a nice tang, yet not too sour. The nigella seeds provided a nutty touch to it.

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(Sophiesfoodiefiles) #3

A wonderful tasty looking sourdough bread! I love it too! yum yum!