Why are the recipes in grams and not in cup measurements

I want to make the sourdough cinammon raisin bread but the measurements are in grams which I am not familiar with. Why aren’t the measurements in cup measurements.

Bread baking generally requires some precision. Depending on how compressed your flour is a cup of flour can vary by a very large amount. Most bread bakers will weight their ingredients for the most precision and better results. It also saves having to clean measuring cups and spoons. :smile:

Here are some conversions for you. Some I had memorized and others I googled.

1 cup flour is 130 grams
1 cup water is 236 grams
1 teaspoon salt is 6 grams
1 cup raisins is 150 grams
1 cup maple syrup is 120 grams
1 cup starter is 300 grams

Thank you so much !!

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Here is a great web page for converting almost anything. https://www.inchcalculator.com/ I have converted most of my recipes to pounds and ounces, but grams are much more accurate.