Whole Grain Sourdough

(susanmcc99) #122

Roch – I just pulled my first attempt at this trad whole grain sourdough out of the oven, so I’m not really in a position to offer advice. However, others on this board have suggested putting a cookie sheet on a shelf right under your dutch oven or clay baker. Doing so deflects some of the heat from the bottom of your baking vessel.

By the way, that’s a beautiful loaf.

(susanmcc99) #123

My first attempt at this traditional whole grain sourdough.The taste and texture are excellent. I got great oven spring, and the crumb is good and consistent despite bubbles/lumps around the circumference of the boule. This is a big loaf, compared to what I’ve baked previously.

(Roch) #124

Thanks for the tip, that’s an excellent recommendation
I’m looking forward to trying it out next time.


(Kailey Eliasen) #125

This is only my second time baking sourdough so forgive me if my question seems dumb, but can I substitute the rye, spelt, and white bread flour for whole wheat and if so is it an equal substitution? I only have whole wheat flour that I mill from hard red spring wheat berries at bread flour consistency.

(easummers) #126

Hello Kailey, If it were me and I had what you have, I would try vs no bread :frowning:

A couple of thoughts, though: if you’ve been making a 100% whole wheat with your milled flour, but using commercial yeast … and were happy, then follow the same recipe except sub 60 grams (1/4 cup) starter for each 1/4 tsp commercial yeast. And lengthen the process.

Another option that I think I’d try would be to make the “no knead sourdough” recipe/technique with your ingredients, add a bit more water and maybe some honey AND barely mix all together and then into the frig for a 24-48 hour rest, warm, shape and bake.
Trevor at Breadwerx has some “premix” techniques that work well with high % whole grain.

I’ve made 100% white whole wheat (commercially milled white whole wheat) with some added vital wheat gluten to success. Another ingredient you might have if you are working with 100% whole wheat: diastatic malt powder? Either of those will help the whole wheat.

I think you will get an edible loaf no matter what, even if it doesn’t look like the photos :slight_smile: