White vs whole grain spelt for starter

I experimented with using white Spelt flour instead of whole grain Spelt for my starter. It was a monumental FAIL. Why? I am a veteran sourdough baker and wondered what the difference could be with using white instead of whole grain spelt. I have made tons of sourdough using wheat–AP and Bread flour.
No bubbles, no sour taste, just flat batter. Even my chickens wouldn’t eat much of it and they LOVE my sourdough starter discards. Could it be the PH of white spelt vs whole wheat? Could it be that the white spelt doesn’t have the wild yeasts that the whole grain does? Last night, I refreshed with RYE flour and this morning I have some bubbles but not enough so I refreshed again. I have whole Spelt but…well…it must be buried somewhere in my freezer and I couldn’t find it. I’d like to make a white Spelt Sourdough bread but it looks like that might not be possible. THOUGHTS?