White Sonora Chicken Curry Empanadas

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Wow - I have never tried crimping an empanada by hand - it looks great! I have always used a fork. I have been unable to duplicate Mrs. Virginia’s Jamaican patties in Grand Cayman I used to eat for breakfast every morning. They were meat, not chicken and I miss them terribly. She had a touch of heat to them. I really appreciate all your photos!

Thanks! If you try the recipe, let me know what you think :slight_smile:

I made the dough from this recipe with Breadtopia bolted White Sonora flour. I made 1/2 recipe (12 wraps) in a 7 cup food processor. The dough came together in the food processor fast and no fuss! After chilling, it rolled easily and the filling and crimping (watch the video!!) was easy as well. A little time, but not too bad and major YUM worth it.

I am loving the White Sonora flour having made tortillas and now these wraps. Biscuits and bread yet to try.

I used the beef filling from Melissa’s blog post. I’ve never had empanadas so no frame of reference except these were delicious. If the peppers, olives and raisins in the filling sound “odd” … just try it! I’ve made curries and chutneys and this kind of mix is a wonderful sweet-salty-spicy mix that really works well plus it is traditional.

Despite Melissa’s caution to not overfill …. I overfilled so a little leakage :slight_smile:

I’m so thrilled you tried this recipe, especially on faith, not having tried empanandas. (Though now having had them with flavorful white sonora crust/wrap, you’re ruined for for the all purpose versions you’ll come across in the future lol.)
Your empanandas look beautiful :+1:

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It is a “vicious cycle” … the more you make from scratch with good ingredients, the more you want to make as anything even remotely processed tastes funny :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about egg rolls now. I looked at wrapper recipes and they are similar but no butter. BUT, these wraps baked so nice and crisp so I’m wondering if that approach to egg roll wrappers would be good for baked vs fried egg rolls. Another thing to add to my never ending list of things to try!

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