Where can one buy bread flour these days?

You can always add some vital wheat gluten to AP flour.

I usually use King Arthur Flour AP. I grabbed Gold Medal AP when it was the only choice. My usually fluffy, round, soft Sourdough Pane Toscano turned out like flat, dense yellow discs. I also managed to get a bag of Bob’s Red Mill AP but have no idea how it will work with bread or pizza dough. I’m worried about running out of Bob’s Red Mill Dark Rye for my starter. I’m not going grocery shopping for a few weeks, as ordered By our governor. I found a company called New York Bakers but the shipping was very high. Good luck in your search.

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The sad thing is that while all the suggestions could work, none of them have actually worked yet.

Online orders placed: 3
Online orders that have shipped: 0
A/P Flour: Not in stores near me
Vital Wheat Gluten: See A/P flour above

For 2 days, I thought I had A/P flour being delivered (via an order I was able to place on Amazon/Whole Foods), but Amazon/WF canceled the order 2 hours before it was scheduled to be delivered. This zombie apocalypse is brutal.

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keep visiting the stores, mine get small quantities but they go quick. I scored a large bag the other day WOOHOO! but YEAST? forget about that one

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Update for anyone interested… Janie’s Mill was the quickest to ship. 3 business days after I placed my order.

Thanks @Sheepdog55 for the suggestion.


Hello Folks,
I’ve been using flours from Heartland Mills for years and have just placed an order this morning for AP flour. I live in LA so the shipping is not cheap $24.00 to ship 22# in a USPSPM box, but the flour is amazing and worth the expense. My favorite wheat flour for sourdough is a heritage wheat called Bolted Turkey Wheat. For a softer, lighter/sweeter sourdough, or luscious sandwich bread, try Golden Buffalo Wheat flour.

Their site, heartlandmill.com is down for maintenance but you can call like I did, 620-379-4472 to order products.

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Not sure where you’re at but I’ve had the best luck buying small and local. Even if you’re not in a region with a mill, maybe try a local bakery? Some are selling ingredients to make up for lost sales. All will chime in with everyone that it’s pretty easy to adapt to a different flour so use what you can find. A lot of my bread recipes call for AP anyway.

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walmart.com has Pillsbury bread flour at a very good price. I’ve never used Pillsbury but it might be worth a try. They may even have more interesting bulk flours.

Many restaurant purveyors are selling to home/retail customers right now, albeit with fairly hefty minimum orders (typically $250). I bought a 50 lb bag of KA Sir Galahad (AP) flour as part of a larger order - it was $28. The bulk equivalent to KA Bread Flour is called Special Patent.

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My 4/10/20 order of 25 lbs bread flour from http://www.redhillgeneralstore.com/bulkfoods/Flour.htm will arrive by the end of the week. Good luck and happy bread making
Best regards,
-Gary Kane

I have my own grain mill, and I hope I don’t run out of wheat berries (though I probably will).

Because I have discovered that I can eat the wheat cooked as whole grains, as porridges, in soups and stews, etc. So it’s possible that wheat berries are being consumed in forms other than as bread.

We currently have some 10 lb bags of our High Protein Bread Flour available in our store. We are limiting purchases to one per customer for the time being.

I’ve had good luck with Small Valley Milling. They’re in PA and depending on where you are UPS shipping may become very expensive. Personally I didn’t care about having to pay extra for shipping I was just happy to have good quality flour. Hope that helps.

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I’ve just had success with Castle Valley Mill from PA. Good price on 10lb flours and also free shipping on $30+ orders of 3+ products! I ordered on Tuesday, and despite never receiving a tracking number, the package surprised me on Friday. Baking first loaves now.

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I have watched the shelves of the various markets I frequent and have found very little flour on the shelves. about 3 weeks ago while shopping at a store that does accept the public, but deals mainly with the trade ( restaurants and caterers) I was able to get a 25# bag of bread flour. Several of the trade only stores in our area are selling to the public to cover a slowdown in their business.

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I tried Gold Medal AP for my usual sourdough Tuscan loaves, only to have them emerge from the oven like flat hockey pucks.

Well, I bought some cheap bleached white flour at Aldi’s, and added about a teaspoon of gluten per cup, and used it in place of bread flour and I was really impressed with the results. Just sayn’, if you need flour, you need flour. People have been baking with what ever flour they could get their hands on for thousands of years.

We currently have some stock of 10lb bags of White All Purpose Flour in our store.

Limiting purchase to one bag per customer.

Castle Valley Mill has free shipping if you purchase $30 worth of flour. They have Spelt, Emmer, Soft and hard wheat berry and stone ground flour.

Hi everyone I am wondering if anyone has been experiencing any flour shortage. I stocked up on bread flour but down to a bag so have been stretching it out buy using more and more whole wheat and rye. Also saving barley malt flour off my mill. I bake on a stone so using the rye and wheat can be challenging. I’ve got away from keeping track of my H2O ratio and just go by feel. One of the things that seems help my wetter doug is a shorter primary fermentation and longer secondary fermenation in the fridge. Just wondering how others are dealing. I’m spoiled on my sourdough and that’s the only bread my wife and I eat. Store bought is not an option.