Where can one buy bread flour these days?

I’m serious. Breadtopia is shut down, my local grocery stores are all out of stock of virtually all flour (they do have some vegan alternatives that do not interest me), Amazon it out of stock and so is Whole Foods. If anyone knows a source online, please share. Thanks.

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I had the same problem. I submitted an order with Country Life Natural Foods for rye and wheat berries, but it hasn’t shipped yet. At least they showed they had some in stock.

How about all purpose? Can you find that in the store or online? I baked sourdough with it for months before trying bread flour. I’m using it now. Saving my limited bread flour for high need projects and staying out of the stores.

Here’s a loaf of half AP and half whole grain red fife. Like the similar loaf I just mentioned to @Bentio it was 89% hydration. Also a floppy dough, maybe half because of the wetness and half because of the gluten level…resulting bread was popular in my house. Soft and flavorful.

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Our local artisan flour mill (Arizona) is shipping web orders. They use heritage seeds and have farmers growing wheat from over 100 years ago: https://www.haydenflourmills.com/

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That was going to be my backup plan. But A/P flour was out of stock as well at my local grocery stores and what was available on Amazon, etc. seemed to be price gouging.

Awesome! I am giving Hayden a try. Thanks.

Yep, I was seeing that on Amazon with chocolate. My daughter discovered we could order dark chocolate from Hershey’s (this was last week, not sure about now).

Here in Los Angeles, the shelves are usually empty, but if you keep trying, it gets restocked on a regular basis, you just have to get lucky. One thing we’ve done is alert the neighbors to one or two items we’re having trouble finding. Then, when they shop, they can pick some up if it happens to be on the shelves. That way, the shelves get cruised more often.

I’ve also found that some of the ethnic groceries, like Mexican and Asian, are sometimes better stocked than the general supermarkets. Our local Smart and Final is also supposed to be well stocked.

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Just buy AP flour, it will work fine. That’s all I use… I bet you cab’t tell the difference.

I just ordered 25# of Dakota Maid bread flour at Grand Forks, ND. They were out of the 10# bags. It arrived in 2 days. Just warning you, the shipping was not cheap. Super nice people. Check out their website.

try Montana Flour and Grain: https://www.montanaflour.com/
They only accept phone orders over #1000 (not me, lol) but online orders can be made for 4 hours in the afternoon… Yesterday I placed a small order after 3 pm Eastern time. They have outstanding flour. 10 # is standard shipping b/c they can put them in Post Office boxes.

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You can buy milled flour from Janies Mill.



Central milling has flour, but spotty. I just got 4 5lb. Bags from them. I like their products.

Check some of your local bakeries…they may also be selling flour.

I’m in south Florida and I too am unable to get bread flour. I was lucky to get a bag of KAF AP FLOUR. Store brand flour is sometimes available and I guess beggars can’t be choosy.

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I went to a store that caters to the restaurant trade and was able to find bread flour in 25# bags. But that was a week ago. This pandemic is going to cause a lot of problems for several months with the food and general supply chain.
All the best in your baking conquests. :smile:

If you have a home grain mill, go online to find distributors of wheat berries. Then hope that one of them is nearby and just go there and pick it up yourself. If you have a mill, you can mill your own whole wheat flour; and then sift out the bran to get the white flour. That lets you add back the bran, sprinkling it onto the loaf just before putting it into the oven. I suspect lots of folks now have their own mills, because all the organic shops in our neighborhood are completely out of wheat berries. Who would’ve thunk?

Someone just today on my IG recommended them!

I was reporting this issue to Mellisa over 3 weeks ago, and she then became concerned about her bf stock. And as someone mentioned below, it’s hit or miss in the grocery stores. I’m going to research the 3 flour mills suggested for mail order.

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