Wheat Bran Uses

I recently purchased a mill and a set of two sifters (40 and 50 mesh). I just made 500 g of a high extraction flour using winter hard wheat berries and ended up with a lot of coarse wheat bran after going through the 40 mesh sifter and some fine wheat bran after going through the 50 mesh sifter. I am considering using the fine bran, mixed with rice flour to coat the cotton cloths I use during the final proofing in baskets. I have no idea what to do with the coarse wheat bran. Any suggestions?

You can line proofing baskets with it. If they’re a little seasoned, no need to mix with flour. To get an even coating, you can spray oil into the basket first or roll damp dough (the side that will be face down in the basket) in the bran before plopping it into the basket.

Here’s another delicious option of thyme, bran and cheddar (scroll up to see the end product)