What's the best digital kitchen scale

(dmacken1) #1

I need to purchase a digital kitchen scale. Who better to ask then the gang here at Breadtopia!

(chuck) #2

I believe that more important are the dimensions along with the features of the scale.

Thin profile from top to bottom to allow easy storing on its side.
Small footprint no more than 9 x 9.
Easily readable numbers as well as units of measure (gr, oz, lb, ml) others a bonus.
Simple way to reset tare weight.
Simple convenient way to set unit of measure.
Easily cleanable surface.
Weighing platform big enough to hold your bowls.
I think 10-15# is sufficient for home use.
The scales could be called bakers scales, like the high one below.

Many newer scales are 1/2" plate glass with front panel and 4 small feet that are sensors.

Here are two types of scales. Many more excellent scales are available at the breadtopia store.

(Heyashik) #3

Amazon,you can find lots of over $10-$20
Etekcity with good quility,Adoric. is ok, and some others you can choose

(SamLee) #4

Maybe you could try this type REIDEA with 4 high precision sensors, $10-16$ on amazon