Weekend Pizza With My Two Secret Ingredients

  1. The best fennel sausage in the entire universe from a trip to NYC at Christmas. I bought 5lbs and keep it in the freezer for pizza.
  2. Rather than using crushed red pepper, I found some crushed chipotle pepper. It adds a great smoke flavor to the pizza.

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Check out Marc Vetri’s Mastering Pizza where one key pie is a fennel/sausage pie with roasted fennel and fennel sausage. And I love Faicos, also check out Espositos on 9th Avenue next time you are in nyc. I think they also deliver throughout USA

If you want good sausage pizza in NYC, try Sofia Pizza Shoppe on 1st Ave. My favorite. I found Faicco’s when I realized Sofia’s was using their fennel sausage.

Sofia Pizza Shoppe

You are both making me want to take the train into NYC to buy sausage : ) You’ve inspired me to plan to go to a more local place though. It’s Hungarian, German & Polish focused, so I’ll likely miss out on fennel…but many other droolworthy ingredients. Check out some of the featured sausages

That is an insane variety of sausage.

Right?! Sadly they’re closed Sundays…

Can anyone recommend a good place to buy Italian sausage with fennel in the Bay Area including the Monterey Bay area? Sort of like Pizza My Heart’s sausage.

In a pinch, I use a pound of the best mild Italian sausage I can find and mix in about a teaspoon of ground fennel seed and a teaspoon of toasted whole fennel seeds. Works best if you do this a day or two before you actually cook the sausage.

Thanks for the tips! Someone intrigued me into buying fennel pollen a while back. I should have predicted that as someone who was pretty allergic to pollen until five years of allergy shots, the fennel pollen would make my mouth and sinuses react. I wonder if cooking it would deactivate it.

Fennels seeds and fresh fennel are fine for me and i love both…just wondering about the pollen product in order to possibly have a use for it.

Regarding Chicago and the far western suburbs…favorite “HOT” Italian sausage??

I just noticed this. Frankly, I think fennel pollen is overdone and can really overpower a dish if you don’t watch it. I’m with you, fennel seeds do the trick. If fennel pollen is used, it must be done sparingly

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Oh my you are giving me ideas. My wife makes our Italian sausage and she does put fennel in it but MAYBE we need more! :heart_eyes: