Website comments

(Douglas B.) #1

As a newcomer , I have found this site very easy to use and will be using it in the near future. I’m not sure what the old one was like but the new one has made it easy for me to order what I want… The DIY topics on breadmaking are interesting ,accurate and easy to follow. Congratulations. dougieh

(syros) #2

Not sure why but I’m having difficulty accessing recipes. For example, I’m looking for a Red Fife Sourdough recipe. How do I find that on Breadtopia?
Thank, Sharon

(Melissa) #3

When in doubt, you can use the search bar in the upper right corner of the forums.
It is at the top of the forums on the mobile site as well.

Here is a screenshot:

The breadtopia recipes are under the recipes tab, and often the blog tab too
Hope this helps! Here the link to the recipe too :slight_smile:

(syros) #4

Thanks I found one!