Video series "Bread Science"

Here is a link to a series of videos Emily Buehler made in April 2020. Emily teaches traditional bread making classes at the John C Campbell Folk School in Western North Carolina. She is a chemist by education and has published a book on bread making. I found these videos helpful in many respects. She has made nice wipe-board drawings of several concepts like scoring baquettes, the sciences, feeding sourdough starter, that make concepts easier for beginners to understand. Her checklist for the baking part would be very helpful for a beginner, better than a verbal “don’t forget…oh, and don’t forget… oh, yes, and remember”. Her style is very down to earth and easy to watch.

I thought the link would get you to the playlist. If you watch through the introduction a strip will come up with more videos. If you go to the play list the list of all 13 videos in this series will show up so you can skip to the ones that are of more interest to you.

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