Very easy sprouted wheat ww spelt no kneed

Been perfecting my bread baking for 2 yrs now since finding Erics site here. Thought I would share my latest and best no kneed.

It takes about 3 days to sprout wheat berries and I do 1/2 cup of dried berries. Anyone following along with have to be familiar with Eric’s basic no need video and approx quantities of flour and water. I start with a tablespoon or so of starter right out of the refg, tepid water and salt in my bowl which i mix up pretty good before adding the flour. Lately its been about 2 cups of WW spelt flour, 1 cup of rye and 1 cup of white bread flour all added with the sprouted wheat berries and mixed per Eric. 1/2 hr rest, re-mixed and then on to the counter overnite to prove. In the A.M, fold and shape per Eric, placed in a proofing basket, covered of course, and in the refg until home again at nite… Out of the refg and right on to the preheated covered baker at 480…again per Eric…

Works perfectly every time for me with nice high loaves. Love that I can do this in no kitchen time flat. 20 min with the initial mix first nite and 35 min baking time the next nite. Have no interest in hanging around the kitchen while making/waiting/proofing bread and this works and tastes great!

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