Using the bakers cloche for bread

I used my cloche for the first time today. It is the Breadtopia i coated cloche. I preheated the cloche prior to putting in my sourdough loaf and covered it! Uncovered after 20 minutes at 500 and finished baking for 20 minutes longer at 475. The whole bottom of the loaf stuck and it would not come out! Now I’m afraid to use the cloche again! What did I do wrong.

Did it come with instructions? What did you coat it with?

Yes, it did come with instructions and they read ‘if you preheat it (which I did) there’s no need to grease it!’ So, I did not grease it or flour it!
I think I must use parchment paper next time. It was also very odd because it took a long time for the bread to reach 202 degrees temperature! I’m guessing with the moisture from the cloche, perhaps it kept the bread too moist.? That might also account for the bread sticking!

The instructions on the website regarding baking bread in the cloche read:
Preheating your Baker will more accurately simulate the baking results obtained in a wood fired oven. A wood fired oven is brought up to baking temperature and then the bread is placed inside to bake, resulting in excellent oven spring and crust development. ****** Another advantage of fully preheating your Baker prior to placing the dough inside is that the dough won’t stick to it.” ******

I’m just rereading my original post and it was supposed to read ‘uncoated’ cloche!