Using Sourdough Starter in a bread machine

(Gonecayman) #1

It is my favorite smell, next to chocolate.

I have a question: Can any of these starters be used in a bread machine? I generally use my bread machine to mix and rise 1 time, then shape and cook.

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(Eric) #2

They can, but sourdough leavens more slowly than commercial yeast so you’ll likely need to allow more time for the rise.

(Gonecayman) #3

So if I start it in the bread machine and it doesn’t rise much during the “make dough” process, just take it out and form it and then let it rise in the oven (with the light on)? Sometimes it is difficult to get dough to rise at my house in the winter. I use the bread machine because I have arthritis in my hands.

My new starter is sitting on top of my water heater - it is getting down to 24 degrees tonight! I’ve even hung a lightbulb near it next to the water heater to ensure it is warm enough. I often wonder how they made bread back in the middle ages with no electricity and fires that vary in temperature.

This is a cool sight - I found a person asking about Irish Soda bread and was suddenly on a site with a lot of Irish recipes. Thank you for creating Breadtopia!

(Eric) #4

That should work. Keep a close eye on it. Dough in a warm place like that can rise a lot faster than in a cool place and you don’t want it to over proof.