Using my Romatoff

Sorry for my mis-spelling. I’m challenged that way. I got a clay baker and am using it for the first time. the directions say to soak it in water for 10 min. Is that necessary for baking bread? Can I use it either way (wet or dry)? How does it effect the bread (biggest question)?

Jeff: If you read it closely I believe it only says to soak the LID…I DO soak the lid for baking bread.

Thanks. do you also just pre-heat the bottom and add the top when the dough goes it?

Hey Jeff: When I replied, I had my head up an orifice of my body where the sun doesn’t shine. I’ve used the clay bakers for a lot of different receipts. There are a couple of different ways for using it. In the Romertopf cookbook for baking bread, they don’t pre heat the oven. They put the risen loaf into a covered pot, where the top has been soaked in a cold oven, and bring it up to heat.
You can also just heat the lower portion while soaking the cover, put the cover on when the loaf goes in the pot, or you can pre-heat the whole pot without soaking.

The last time I used it, I did it the Romertopf way starting with a cold oven. Next time I’m going to try with soaking the top while pre-heating the lower part.

I soak min (top and bottom) for 30+ minutes, before putting them in the oven (empty) for the preheat. Makes nice crusty bread!

Ok. I’m baking this week. I’ll try it.

I’ve only soaked the lid when my Romertopf was new. I’ve never soaked either part since and have baked with it this way for years. I preheat the oven with the clay baker inside, then put the dough inside and top it with the lid. Works like a charm!