Turkey Red protein content?

(brec) #1

I can’t find protein content on the web pages for the berries or the flour. I’m guessing that it’s not an easy number to get for a relatively low-volume specific grain product, but does anyone know?

EDIT: I found a couple of sources of info; turns out there’s not just one number:

"In Wisconsin, Turkey Red grows with a lower protein content (around 11.5%) " – https://www.anarchyacres.com/turkey-red-wheat

“this year’s run [grown in Waynesville, OH] is off the chart, coming in at 13.7%” – https://www.dorothylane.com/turkey-red-wheat-bread/

Quite a difference!

(Melissa) #2

Nice research! I don’t have the answer to your question but here is a neat chart that’s been floating around the internet for a while.


(brec) #3

I think I’ve asked an unanswerable question. Or more precisely, a good answer for any type of wheat would have to be from a sufficient number of measurements of different sources and provide not only an average but information about the variation among samples.

One example of the problem, i.e., variation, is the two numbers for Turkey Red I cited above.

Another is the chart versus a supplier: for hard red spring wheat the chart shows 15.4%. But the vendor of the fresh-milled hard red spring flour I recently bought says its protein content is 12-13%.

So here, as it seems to be for every question about baking bread, the answer is: “it depends!”