Tuna, Artichoke, Sun-dried Tomato, Onion, Mozzarella Sourdough Pizza

On the weekend I decided it had been too long since I last made pizza, so I put together a sourdough pizza dough that requires a 48-96 hour cold fermentation.

For 4 9” pizzas NY style thinnish crust 180 g each
Levain build 100% hydration 31.5 g needed
381 g bread flour
38 g Whole grain flour (50:50 whole wheat:spelt)
222 g Water and
42 g Water hold out
2.1 g salt
7.2 g Sugar
4.2 g olive oil
4.2 g diastatic malt powder

(1) In your mixer bowl(or by hand) dissolve the Starter or yeast in all of the Final Dough Water except the HOLD OUT Water.

(2) Mix in the flours until well hydrated

(3) Allow to fermentolyse for 1hr

(4) Mix in the remaining HOLD OUT Water, salt, sugar, and malt (if using), mix until well-incorporated.

(5) Slowly drizzle in the oil until well combined.

(6) Beat or knead by hand until dough is moderately developed. The dough will be sticky and elastic. If kneading by hand, use slightly wet hands and avoid adding more flour.

(7) Oil your hands and a suitable container.

(8) Shape into a tight ball. I divide the ball into four smaller ones each for one 9” pizza at this point. Each goes into a small oiled bowl and allowed to cold ferment.

(9) Cold ferment in the refrigerator for 24hr-48hrs. (I do 48-72 hours)

(10) Remove to warm up to room temp 1hr or so before use, or you can ferment at room temp. for 6hrs.

(11) Stretch the balls into your desired size skins (see video below), top and bake at 500F-550F (as high as your oven will go) Until the crust is browned and the cheese has melted. Spin the pie at least once to avoid burning due to oven hot spots.

I like to bake my pizzas in a cast iron skillet that way I don’t have to transfer the pizza to the baking steel.

After only 48 hours of cold fermentation I think that the dough could have used another 24 hours so in the future I think I’ll prep the dough even earlier so I can give it 72-96 hours of cold fermentation.


Looks awesome!

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Thank you Kevin.

That is making me so hungry!

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Gorgeous pizza!

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Thanks so much Melissa.

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